• The SPK-1000 Dimensioning System determines “Volumetric/Dimensional Weight” of oxes easily and instantly. It eliminates manual data entry and human error, and has a compact, space saving design.
  • The newly developed arm sensor module, developed by DIGI, allows a wide range of sizes to be measured quickly and accurately.
  • SPK-1000 automatically starts calculating dimensions once a box is placed on the platform.

Ideal for the courier & express cargo counters, warehouses, distribution centres, etc. to collect accurate cube data for shipping, invoicing, load planning, layout planning and storage location assignments.


Measuring Width : 20 – 94 cm
Depth : 15 – 54 cm
Height : 3 – 64 cm
Increment : 0.2 cm (0 – 10 cm)
Increment : 0.5 cm (10 cm -)
Weighing (Option) Capacity : 300 kg
Increment : 50g
Device : Load Cell
Load Max. 50 kg
Net Weight 17 kg
Interface RS-232C
Operating Temperature 0 – 40℃
Operating Voltage AC 100-240V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption 1.2A

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