Motorola LS3578-FZ

Motorola LS3578-FZ

The Symbol LS3578-FZ rugged bar code scanner features fuzzy logic technology, which allows first-pass reads of nearly any 1D bar code, even when the bar code is dirty or damaged.

Integrated Bluetooth® guarantees reliable and secure wireless data transmission between the scanner and host. The wide working range allows operators to move freely without being restricted by a cord. A rugged, drop-resistant design and a sealed housing provide reliability with less accident-related equipment failure and downtime


Fuzzy logic decoding

Scans all 1D bar codes on first scan, including poorly printed, dirty, damaged or low-contrast ones.

Integrated Bluetooth® 

Ensures secure wireless data transmission.

Cordless handheld functionality

Enables real-time bar code data collection unrestricted by a cable, reducing repairs from cable failure.

Rugged design

Withstands multiple 6.5-ft (2-m) drops onto concrete, with less downtime from accidental drops.

IP65-rated seal

Protects against water and dust for reliable performance in the harshest environments.

Bright LED and beeper with adjustable volume

Makes decode feedback is consistently visible and audible to users, even in noisy environments.

Multi-point communication

Allows use of up to three scanners with a single cradle.

Bright 650-nm laser aiming dot

Delivers clear, the visible line for more accurate scanning.

Supports GS1 DataBar

Ensures compatibility with emerging symbologies.

Advanced data formatting

Eliminates costly modifications to the host software.

Batch mode operation

Increases application design flexibility.

Remote scanner management 

Enables you to discover, provision and upgrade devices from a central remote location.

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